Armed Forces Day 2007 Schedule of Events


Armed Forces Day Weekend
Maritime Heritage Exhibit
and Commemoration

Sponsored by
Combatant Craft of America*
in cooperation with the
Navy Region Northwest, U.S. Coast Guard District 13 and Seattle Sector, Coast Guard
83-Foot Sailors Association, U.S. Air Force Reserve Para-Rescue Squadron, Army Air Force/ USAF Crash Rescue Boat Association, Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle Parks and Recreation Department,
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society,  Museum of History and Industry,
Northwest Seaport, Virginia V Foundation and Seattle Maritime Academy


Thursday, May 17 10:00 am   CG-83527 make ready to get underway and leaves Everett moorage for the Ballard Locks and Lake Union.

Friday, May 18 Staging only; not public events] 
10:00 am     CG-83527 leaves Seattle Maritime Academy moorage at Ballard Bridge for Lake Union Park (LUP)
10:30 am CG-83527 arrives at LUP, Historic Ships Wharf
  CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon) towed from Lake Union Dry Dock moorage to LUP, Historic Ships Wharf. 
11:00 am  CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon) arrives at LUP, Historic Ships Wharf.
12:00 - 4:00 pm  Other historic and modern military craft arrive at Historic Ships  Wharf and CWB floats, and prepared for public exhibit, tours on Sat. and Sun, May 19-20.

Saturday, May 19 10 am 

Armed Forces Day Commemoration – Historic Ships Wharf  Plaza


  • Chuck Fowler, Combatant Craft of America,
    Master of Ceremonies 


 Posting of Colors (Seattle Sea Scouts)

National Anthem

Invocation: CDR Ron Brown,  CNRNW, Regional Chaplain 

Historic, Modern Patrol and Rescue Craft Background

  • Why Important to Save, Exhibit Historic Boats and Honor Crewmember Veterans

  • Freedom Heritage Fleet:  Rescuing the Surviving Boats

  • Why Important to Showcase Modern Boats and Recognize Today’s Crews  

Introduction of Honored Guests:

·         Rear Admiral John Lockwood, USCG (Ret.), former Commander, 13th Coast Guard District, Seattle, and Vietnam War combat veteran

 Special Guests Introduction/ Recognition

  • Lt (j.g.) Art Lehne, USCG WWII Veteran and Skipper, USCG-11/ CG-83366, CG Rescue Flotilla 1 on D-Day at Normandy

  • SM3c Wilfred “Bud” Eberhart, USCG WWII Veteran and Crewman, USCG-11/ CG-83366, CG D-Day Rescue Flotilla 1 on D-Day at Normandy

  • Capt. Earl McAuliffe, USCG (Ret.), WWII Veterans and Skipper, LCVI-95 on D-Day at Normandy

  • Other Honored Veterans from WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War eras  

 Keynote Address:

  • Rear Admiral John Lockwood, USCG (Ret.), former Commander, 13th Coast Guard District, Seattle, and Vietnam War combat veteran


  •  Dan Withers, President, Combatant Craft of America
         and Navy Vietnam Veteran

  • Gordon Myers, Coast Guard veteran and former 83-foot Patrol Boat Commander; CG Auxiliary Lt. Commander (Aviation)

  •   __________, Coast Guard Waterside Security Team, Seattle Sector

  •  Capt. Chris Bernard, Commander, Air Force 304th Pararescue Squadron, Portland International Airport

Thank You/ Adjourn Ceremonies

11:00 am

Post-Commemoration Reception

  • Aboard Steamer Virginia V, Historic Ships Wharf [for program participants, veterans, families, guests only]

11:00 – 5 pm

CG-83527, CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon), Point Divide      (Maritime Educator) other historic and modern military boats open for public viewing and tours at LUP Historic Ships Wharf .

  • Coast Guard Fast Response Boat

  • Air Force Para-Rescue Boat

2:00 pm

Air Force Para-Rescue Boat Demonstration

  • [Public Event]   LUP Historic Ships Wharf


4:00 pm

Veterans’ Reunions: Armory

  • Coast Guard 83 Foot Patrol Boat Sailors Association

  • Air Force Crash Rescue Boat Association


 Sunday, May 20  
11:00 – 5 pm CG-83527, CG-83366/ USCG-11 (Tiburon), other historic and      modern boats open for public viewing and tours.
1:00 pm  Air Force Para-Rescue Boat Demonstration 
  • [Public Event]   LUP Historic Ships Wharf 

*  Nonprofit maritime heritage and education organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting and publicly exhibiting historic military patrol and rescue boats, and honoring those veterans who served aboard them in times of war and peace.