Armed Forces Day 2007 Celebration


Armed Forces Day Weekend Maritime Heritage Exhibit and Commemoration

Sponsored by
Combatant Craft of America
in cooperation with the
Navy Region Northwest, U.S. Coast Guard District 13 and Seattle Sector, Coast Guard 83-Foot Sailors Association, U.S. Air Force Reserve Para-Rescue Squadron, Army Air Force/ USAF Crash Rescue Boat Association, Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society,  Museum of History and Industry, Northwest Seaport, Virginia V Foundation and Seattle Maritime Academy

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This page is devoted to the photos taken and audio clips recorded during the celebration.

Setting up at Lake Union Park


Arrival at Seattle Maritime Academy

  Bud and Arts first meeting since Normandy      

Getting the boats into position at Lake Union Park

Towing Services Thanks to Fremont Tug, Seattle.  

Open House with the boats on the Historic Ships Wharf at Lake Union Park
CG-83527       CG-83366

Armed Forces Day  Commemoration



The podium microphone got shut off and the audio is captured from a remote microphone. Some of the following presentations are not easy to hear. --->

Welcome Chuck Fowler, Combatant Craft of America,  - Master of Ceremonies 

Color Guard & Pledge of Allegiance Seattle Sea Scouts

Invocation Rear Admiral John Lockwood, USCG (Ret.)

Introductions Chuck Fowler

Welcome Peter Puget

Historic, Modern Patrol and Rescue Craft Background - Chuck Fowler

     ▪ Why Important to Save, Exhibit Historic Boats and Honor Crewmember Veterans
     ▪ Freedom Heritage Fleet:  Rescuing the Surviving Boats
     ▪ Why Important to Showcase Modern Boats and Recognize Today’s Crews

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  Three Guests Introduction - Chuck Fowler

Lt (j.g.) Art Lehne, USCG WWII Veteran and Skipper, USCG-11/ CG-83366, CG Rescue Flotilla 1 on D-Day at Normandy  

SM3c Wilfred “Bud” Eberhart, USCG WWII Veteran and Crewman, USCG-11/ CG-83366, CG D-Day Rescue Flotilla 1 on D-Day at Normandy  

Capt. Earl McAuliffe, USCG (Ret.), WWII Veterans and Skipper, LCVI-95 on D-Day at Normandy  

▪ Other Honored Veterans from WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War eras    

  John Lockwood Introduction - Chuck Fowler

Introduction and Keynote Address Rear Admiral John Lockwood, USCG (Ret.)former Commander, 13th Coast Guard District, Seattle, and Vietnam War combat veteran

  More Introductions - Chuck Fowler

CCoA Remarks Dan Withers, President, Combatant Craft of America and Navy Vietnam Veteran

83 Foot Sailors Ass'n Remarks John Sidorek - Coast Guard veteran and former 83-foot Patrol Boat crewman

CG Team Seattle Remarks   Need name

Air Force 304th Pararescue Squadron, Portland International Airport Capt. Chris Bernard, Commander,

Chaplin Introduction and Wooden Box Story Chuck Fowler

Closing prayer CDR Ron Brown,  CNRNW, Regional Chaplain

Closing Remarks Chuck Fowler


Post-Commemoration Reception

Aboard Steamer Virginia V, Historic Ships Wharf [for program participants, veterans, families, guests only]