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This was our first website. It has evolved from a few pages asking the question, what is a PTF (Patrol Torpedo Fast) and how was it used in Vietnam. The first photos came from Dan Withers collection taken in DaNang in 1965 from the USS Stoddard, DD-566. The stories and photos from the men of Boat Support Unit - One at DaNang were the inspiration for all that has followed.

In the evolution from the PTF history came the other small boats that men around the world had served on from WWII to the present. this was eventually expanded to include the history of events and just fun stories from the men that served on the boats from WWII to present

With the acquisition of the former Coast Guard Cutter, CG-83527 all of the history and documentation of this great vessel were concentrated here. This includes the trip up the coast from San Francisco and all of the  modifications made to her.

This collection of photos, stories and documents tell the story of the USS Stoddard, DD-566 a Fletcher Class USN Destroyer. It covers her life and the men that served aboard her from her construction to final demise as a target ship.

This website defines the organization, Combatant Craft of America, dedicated to the men that served on the small boat Sea Services around the world from  WWII through today. It represents the event planning and fund raising arm providing programs to honor their service