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This project started on December 22, 2000 as a conversation about the diminishing information available to the interested family of veterans who served on the boats of this era. Not only has the post-war Veteran chosen to forget about their time in Vietnam, but, about the equipment they worked with. Now the internet has opened the door to information for Veterans, family members and patrol craft enthusiasts and a resurgence of interest in these great boats has taken place. 

As we veterans get older it now, more than ever, seems necessary that someone keep this little piece of history alive, and it is from discussions just like this that the concept of a Combatant Craft living museum was created. So here we are a small core group willing to combine our interests and talents to make it happen.

Join the fun because, its definitely not a Job, its an Adventure.

Best regards,

Dan Withers - USN 1963-1966


For Information Contact:

Dan Withers, President: for Organization & Operational Information and CG-83527 Restoration Project Info

Chuck Fowler: ChuckF@combatantcraft.rog  on Programs, Events and Public Affairs Info.

Richard Craig at for Information on the 83 Foot Sailors Association and their History.

James Thomas at for Boat Support Unit One/SBU Activities, or missing shipmates.

CCOA Mailing Address:
Dan Withers
1400 E. Ludlow Ridge Road
Port Ludlow, WA 98365
Tele: 206-947-2303