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To preserve, maintain and bring up to operational standards as many of these selected boats as possible so that their true significance can be experienced through sound, smell and wind in the face.

A letter from the Chairman

This project started on December 22, 2000 as a conversation about the diminishing information available to the interested family of veterans who served on the boats in these eras. Not only has many Veterans chosen to forget about their time in the boats, but, also about the equipment they worked with. Now the internet has opened the door to information for Veterans, family members and patrol craft enthusiasts and a resurgence of interest in these great boats has taken place. 

As we veterans get older it now, more than ever, seems necessary that someone keep this little piece of history alive, and it is from discussions just like this that the concept of a Combatant Craft living museum was created. So here we are a small core group willing to combine our interests and talents to make it happen.


It is our purpose to preserve, maintain and bring up to operational standards these machines so that their true significance can be experienced through sound, smell and wind in the face.

Our Motto: "Never too late" 

The boats are out there and the interest exists. The internet opens up a communications portal to share the news, raise the money and communicate the successes and failures as we proceed forward.

I remember an old saying from the past, "Don't get pissed, re-enlist." Now is the time to re-enlist in the Combatant Craft of America Navy. Here we are doing it for fun and maybe a little duty to preserve these boats for everyone to enjoy. We will be stronger with a larger membership and younger average age.
Join the fun because, its definitely not a Job, its an Adventure.

Best regards,

Dan Withers
ETN3 1963-66
Port Ludlow, Wa

Legally We Are:

jpg (25795 bytes) The legal side of this process was long and involved: getting the Articles of Incorporation put together and the Bylaws developed. 
Also the IRS and the 501C3 paperwork was a huge project, but necessary.

I have included the following pages to show the legal definitions of what the Combatant Craft of America (CCOA) is all about.


          Who We Are:

Objectives and Benefits

"... promote and preserve in operating condition a complete collection...

"... together with a common interest 

Board of Directors

" ... CCOA elected officials  consist of the..."

Our goal here is to take advantage of the leadership and connections that this organization has to aid in the acquisition of our boats.