Freedom Heritage Fleet - Meeting Agenda


Sponsored by Combatant Craft of America,

hosted by Mike Gregoire, First Gentleman of Washington State

and co-hosted by the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs  

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Olympia and Seattle, Washington

 7:00 - 8:00 am

Presentation: Freedom Heritage Fleet and Center Project
Washington State Legislature Heritage Caucus Meeting (Mike Gregoire, Caucus Member), Cherberg Office Building, Olympia

8:30 - 10:30 am

Freedom Heritage Fleet and Center Summit Meeting:  Hosted by Mike Gregoire, Washington State First Gentleman and Vietnam Veteran, Governor’s Office 

10:30 am- noon

Enroute to Seattle

12:00 pm

Lunch:  Seattle Yacht Club, Portage Bay


1:30 pm

Walking Tour and Briefing:  Historic World War II Era Aircraft Hangar, Building 2, Senator Warren G. Magnuson Park (formerly Sand Point Naval Air Station), Seattle

3:00 pm

Concluding Session:  Summary and Action Plan Steps, Magnuson      Park, Seattle


Freedom Heritage Fleet

Detailed Agenda 

I           Introduction -- Chuck Fowler, Meeting Facilitator 

II          Welcoming Remarks 

  • Mike Gregoire, First Gentleman

  •  Alfie Alvarado, Deputy Director, Department of Veterans Affairs 

III         Introductions/ Self Introductions 

IV        Meeting Purpose – Chuck Fowler

  • Preserving and Exhibiting Historic Military Patrol and Rescue Boats

  • Interpreting their Wartime and Peacetime Roles

  • Recognizing and Honoring Their Crews

  • Developing a Permanent Heritage Center/ Museum

  • Providing Active/ Hands-on Learning and Education Opportunities  

V         FHF Project Overview 

VI        Historic Military Vessel Preservation and Exhibit Challenges

            Kim Nielsen, Director, The Navy Museum, Washington D.C.       (letter)  

V         Freedom Heritage Fleet Concept Comments

VI        FHF Hands-on History Program:  Combining New Technology,
            Interactive Exhibitry and Experience-based Learning .

VII       Toward a Patrol and Rescue Boats Heritage Center/ Museum

  • Organization

  • Site/ Facility

  • Facility

  • Planning

  • Marketing/ Funding

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Sustainability 

VIII      The Next Steps