Objectives of the Organization




In the past 60 years there has been an "ignore it and it will go away" attitude about the different Wars. Unfortunately, it cannot go away and more and more veterans are now coming out of their shells to face it and share it with their children and, yes, grandchildren. The Internet has opened up the ability to share these experiences with others. One Vet recently mentioned," that it was now more important than ever to get beyond the war and the reasons that it happened and share with the world their experiences so that this history will not be lost when they pass on." 

We feel it is important to display some of the maritime history of these wars. There are children born in the last 30 years who have never seen a wars of these durations that must gain some appreciation for the job that their neighbors, dads or uncles did with these boats. We will display the boats that took them to awful places to perform awful tasks under awful conditions. Being next to one of these craft is very different than watching a video on the History Channel. 

As an extension of the Mission Statement the following Objectives are established to define our intentions with this Corporation. 

  • To promote and preserve in operating condition a complete collection of small combatant craft operated by the US Military from WWII to present.
  • To provide a museum building for permanent protection and display of these vessels as a tribute to the men and women that built, maintained and operated them.
  • To perpetuate in the memory and hearts of all Americans the spirit in which these great patrol craft were operated for the defense of our national ideals.
  • To establish an organization having the dedication, enthusiasm and esprit de corps necessary to operate, maintain and preserve these craft as symbols of our American maritime heritage.
We believe that the following Benefits can be available to those that choose to participate in this effort.

  • Bring people together with a common interest in these craft.
  • To educate the membership and the public about safety and protocol as it relates to these operating craft. To protect the heritage of these craft through preservation and operation.
  • To serve as a communications channel for our membership, the public and any other entities regarding information relating to their participation in the different Wars.
  • To serve as a governing body and parent organization for possible future regional chapters that may be formed and created under our umbrella.
  • To participate in local boat shows, yacht club events and related nautical activities to educate the public about their operation and purpose in the different Wars.