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You can help ensure our success and vitality by making a donation to our “Restoration Fund.”

Vessel Restoration - We would really appreciate your help to support this past fall’s significant restoration project as well as this additional work needed before its initial public appearance in the 2008 Seattle Opening Day event on May 3rd.  

·         Add final coat of paint and black CG-83527 numbers

·         Replace forward bulwark planks and add a full upper guard rail.

·         Re-paint the main deck  and mast

·         Complete some basic interior projects

Total for work before May = $14,850.

Now, here’s the challenge. while we’re great making strides in restoring the boat we , we also need to pushing ahead with our day-to-day projects and programs, providing our maritime education and services to the community. This past year alone, even with time in the yard we celebrated:

In 2008, we intend to do even more, with bigger and better events, at the same time continue the restoration of the CG-83527. We need your help to accomplish all this!

Thank you for your interest in giving to Combatant Craft of America. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Please take a moment right how to send a fully tax-deductible special gift to Combatant Craft of America, or even easier, make a secure donation on-line by clicking on the button below.  In order to accommodate online contributions, we have provided the following method for online giving.

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Combatant Craft of America is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. All (U.S.) contributions are tax deductible.

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