Vessel Ownership


The First Boat
The CG-83527 was our first leap into vessel ownership. She was a sturdy craft for her age and had the important historical connection to the South Puget Sound as the former Coast Guard cutter on station at Tacoma, WA from 1944 to 1962.

Although the effort was tremendous and time consuming, the payback for those volunteers that have assisted has been great. We had  engineering challenges getting the 60 year

old vessel ready for a 1000 mile journey up the Pacific Coast, the thrills and disappointment of the trip itself, to the satisfaction of completing the trek. Meeting the men and women that remember the 83527 as Coastguardsmen serving aboard her, or civilians that were rescued by her were the heartwarming reward for the effort. Visit the CG-83527 Website here.

Support and Logistics
The ongoing effort to support the 83527 has lead us to many new companies, volunteers and guests who have made the effort possible. Any amount of assistance from locating a old transmission manual, helping manufacture a unique brass plug, providing a pair of replacement engines to a temporary place to tie up before an open house. It is the great  people that we have met along the that share our desire to protect the history of the old girl that inspire us to keep pushing forward on her restoration.

We are now able to provide assistance to others that are in pursuit of a warboat restoration project with the hope that they can achieve success and share their vessel with us at one of the events we will hold to show the boats.

Wooden boats restoration is a forever project, especially in the rainy Pacific Northwest. The volunteers that assist keep us excited about the improvements that we are making. Their commitment  to the story and the desire to keep her seaworthy for showing at events keeps us pushing to make her the best we can with the budget we have to work with.