- Exploring the Past:

Since 2000 Combatant Craft has been focused on the history of the small US patrol and rescue boat and their contributions to the American way of life. 

In 2005 we purchased the retired Coast Guard cutter, CG-83527 an 83 Foot wooden Wheeler patrol and rescue boat in Rio Vista, Ca. We prepared her for travel and brought her up the Pacific coast to Tacoma. In the mean time we have met many of her old crew and discovered many fun and some hair raising stories from those crewmembers. We have continued to research her history and are always surprised when an envelope of photos arrives un-announced from someone. 

Other vessels are available that will provide additional veterans history. They promise to reveal the history of the WWII era, Korean era services from the men that were there and spent time on these vessels.
- History for the Future:
We have been providing lectures for family audiences that introduce the early history of the vessels and the men that served aboard them.  The Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society has been a great organization to partner with to promote our historical experiences. Their members and artifacts continue to enhance our presentations.

We are developing new programs around the CG-83527 that will accommodate school groups, and focus on concepts of mathematics, engineering and history.

 - Preserving the Boats

CCoA was founded by people interested in preserving Military vessels and keeping them operational. You can become part of effort by becoming part of our volunteer crew. We depend on volunteers to complete our long and short term goals. 

As a volunteer you will be able to work with men that served aboard these actual boats or in similar circumstances around the world.

For the past three years the boat has been very active and participated in many very visible public events, among them 2005 yachting season Opening Day in Seattle, Coast Guard D-Day at Normandy Anniversary in 2006, Armed Forces Day commemoration in 2007 and many exhibit visits to port communities throughout Puget Sound. 

Now, after undergoing major restoration work in Port Townsend this winter, this last of the wooden Coast Guard patrol boats in military configuration is being readied for its Tall Ships Tacoma participation with the Eagle and other summertime activities.  The following work was completed this summer.

  • Replaced most of the framing for the port and starboard rudder and struts

  • Replaced port and starboard propellers.

  • Replaced lower guard rails and repaired mid guard rails

  • Stripped all hull paint back to the bare planks

  • Performed any repairs and primered

  • Applied bottom paint (lower) and primer (upper) hull.